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Catherine Ryan Hyde, where have you been hiding? This story has such a lyrical, melancholy feel to it. The writing is so descriptive, every moment I felt I was there with Dr. Lucy as she took care of the gunshot wound of a thief, I was there as Pete's father berated him, and when Pete finds Justin after he gets beaten within an inch of his life, and for the tender, budding relationship between Calvin and Lucy. The writing had the feel of Kent Haruf, who has written so many great stories taking place in the west.

As a reader and dog lover, the cover seeks to be read. The eyes of the dog, that we come to know as Prince in the story, half dog, half wolf, you want to know the story behind those eyes.

The story starts in 1959, in a small Texas town. It's not often that adult fiction has a main character who is twelve years old, but Ms. Hyde has captured the voice of Pete, who is a respectful kid, but whose father doesn't appreciate him and is even cruel to Pete. Dr. Lucy is a lon…
This was a great feel good story and would make a wonderful gift for friends and family. Giveaway of one copy for a lucky reader that enters via my Facebook Blog/Group, Baer Books.
Nina Popkin always knew she was adopted. She loved her adoptive parents, but she always felt somehow that she didn't belong, even though she knew they loved her more than anything. She was the child they could not have. That didn't stop her from wondering if people she passed on the street were related to her. Nina and her best friend growing up, Melanie, used to make up scenarios about people that Nina might actually be related to. Even now that Nina is an adult she still has those thoughts about who her birth mother was. 
Nina's life has gone off the rails. She's thirty-five, recently divorced, but still calls and texts her ex as if nothing's change. Dan is now remarried to Julie, whom he met six months after marrying Nina. He broke it to N…