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Where we last left the blog.......

It's been a bit longer than I intended since my last blog post, but that certainly does not mean I have not been reading!! I was preparing for my daughter's college graduation. She graduated on May 6 from Florida State University with a BS in International Affairs and Sociology. Yay!!

Now what did I read since the end of March?

Before I Go - Colleen Oakley 5*

I purchased this book, because the author was coming to talk about her newest book at my local indie bookstore. I really found myself connecting with the characters and enjoying their story and read the book in two days. I cannot believe this was Oakley's debut novel! Don't think that by the synopsis this book is a sad tale of a young woman's lost battle with breast cancer. It is so much more and how the author handled it without anything feeling maudlin shows she really has great writing chops! It was a funny, upbeat, emotional, and real story. Well done. It was wonderful to meet Colleen in person and I …