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Peter Swanson, I am waiting for your next book. I know you just published your third, Her Every Fear in January 2017, but write fast. PLEASE?! 

I kept watching all the news, reviews, and buzz about Peter Swanson's books. For some reason I only got wind of him when he released The Kind Worth Killing in February 2015, but he burst on the scene and the reviews were phenomenal. His books, when I read the description were just the kind of thriller or suspense books that appeal to me. I just had a full book reading schedule!

I did a Peter Swanson marathon when I was away for three weeks in February. It needed to be done and I decided to do it right. I started at the beginning with The Girl With a Clock For a Heart. What a title! It was very unique story. A situation where the girl, Liana, may not be who she says she is. She and George meet and become an item in college. George really falls for her, but he's not completely gullible, because when she shows up in his life again twenty years later, he's ready to deal with her. She left him with a giant mess twenty years before. The writing style is a little raw, but then it's his first published novel. I LOVE the Boston setting. I lived there for twelve years, so I felt myself there on the streets and in the neighborhoods. 

Then came The Kind Worth Killing. Again, how can a thriller book lover not be hooked by that title?! The story starts out on a plane, business class flight, London to Boston. So, were back in that city, so perfect for a suspenseful tale. Here we have Ted Severson who while sitting in business class, begins chatting with the attractive and intriguing, Lily Kintner. Ted's married, but what happens on the a trans-Atlantic plane, stays on the plane, right? Even if you say, semi-seriously that you want to kill your wife? Well, Lily says she'll help and as we read on, we find out this may not be Lily's first time killing someone!

Then I read Swanson's latest, Her Every Fear. London makes an appearance again at the beginning. The neurotic Kate Priddy decides to do an apartment swap with a distant cousin, Corbin Dell from Boston. Kate's family is surprised that she's taken the big step to live for several months in Boston, she's always been a bit anxious, especially after what happened with her first serious boyfriend. Kate on the other hand thinks it's just what she needs, a change of scenery and the opportunity to pursue the art classes she's been wanting to take. This story has a sort Hitchcock, Rear Window element (always a favorite movie of mine) and there's this air of creepiness that seeps in through the paragraphs. I really found myself worried about Kate and wishing she's look over her shoulder or be a bit more careful. We again have an old friend that cycles back in and that friend may not be a novice when it comes to killing.

I guess if Peter Swanson's months of release are an indication, we won't see anything until at least January 2018. I'll be in my room crying and waiting.


  1. Thanks for letting me know Peter has a new one out! Domestic thrillers are my favorite, to write and read.


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