Spotlight and Review of The Word Game by Steena Holmes.

This was my first book by author Steena Holmes and I found it very engaging. The story is told from several perspectives, that of Alyson, her sister Tricia, their friend Myah, and Ida, the mother of Alyson & Tricia. Alyson is an overprotective parent, but we find out she has good reason to be, as we find out a bit about her past. Alyson finally relents and allows her daughter Lyla to attend a sleepover at her Aunt Tricia's house. All the girls from Lyla's dance team will be there, including her cousin Katie, Tricia's daughter and Keera, the daughter of Myah, the dance instructor and friend of Alyson and Tricia. The sleepover will be co-ed, attended by Katie's brothers and a few friends. Tricia assures everyone boys and girls will be kept separated. It seems everyone had to have a good time, until Tricia finds Katie and Keera in with the boys. After everyone goes home Lyla tells her mom something that will wreck many lives, but is Lyla telling the truth or is Alyson overreacting? What happens in this story would be any parents worse nightmare.

Thank you to Book Sparks for the chance to read and review this book.

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